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Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Vernissage of Art Fair Vs my first post!

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My outfit on that day. (OMG, my big feet in this little high heels, damn painful!)

Dress : Zara
High Heels : Beverly Feldman (Europa Collection)

Let's see some art pieces first!

Is it cute? I love it, it's a bit like my little little sister, she is a cat, also black n white. C, art is like this, sth echoes with your life always attract you the most.

This one is so terrible, how come someone's face on a '8'? And it can talk. But I cant deny it's quite interesting.

Hey what do you think about the contemporary art now?

um...... I think it's changing (of course), but what I mean is they are not very 岳敏君 or other very famous Chinese artists like. Becoming more mixed media, very interesting.

And I found that in the art fair, there were so many gallery in Beijing and not low quality work lei, wow, become more professional! Great. (more places and choices to work)


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