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Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Fall photo shooting of UKk!! 2010 making of - Vintage (Part two)


So, these are the part two Fall photo shooting making of part 2. Like them, huh?
Developing a business, a project is really not easy as what I thought. Feel so frustrated and disappointed now. I love UKk!! so much, damn much. How could I get more and more chance to let people share the same interest with us and be appreciated by what our team did? How come I did a lot, but not much response? I started UKk!! with nothing, only with passion for fashion and art, love from teams and encouragement from myself, but with not enough money, not enough knowledgement, not enough experience, not enough networking.
I believe, I do believe miracles will happen.
But when?
Could you tell me?
Could you tell me when the website will be stable?
Could yu tell me when we could sell like other online shop?
Could you tell me when someone show their appreciation and be our fans?
Could you tell me when I could finish what I wanna do?
From May, I have grown up with UKk!!, have experienced the frustration, the anger moment, the excitement, also the happy time.
And I will go on, never give up.
I love you, UKk!!
From Vi.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Fall photo shooting of UKk!! 2010 making of - Vintage (Part one)


Sorry for not updating regularly.
I give more passion on UKk!! recently. Wow, thanks God. We took a great series of pictures on our first fall VINATGE one! I am so excited about it. Cant wait to show you the pictures. lol But we have to collect all of them first because some of them were used the films one, we still havent developed all. So please wait with ur big big patient.

remember please please forward this blog or our website -  or facebook -!/pages/UKk-Store/149417951738461 if you appreciate us.
Thanks a lot with love!