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Saturday, 11 September 2010

I find my way.

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I have asked myself, my inner self, what is my way? What do I yarn for? She told me, to be an artist, a mixed media drawing artist. If you know me, you all know I am weak at drawing. No one appreciate what I drew until last week. Thanks Celline and Irene. They appreciated and couraged me to draw without any concern. Thanks so much.
To the issue that I do not have experience, I am not strong at, I feel super scared, scared of the 'lose' will come over again and again, scared of the restriction, scared of the faith.
But I believe, I do my best, God does the rest.
Bless me please.


Nádia said...

Oh, sweetie, wish you the best luck!!! :)))

dramaqueen said...

drawing without any concern draw when your heart feel like to. Pick up a pen just freely draw anything. people will appreciate with your creativity, drawing when you drew with heart. I know it is hard sometimes being an artist to have so many constraint from the society etc. but rmb that people will understand you one day, if u really like it and put in effort. just the matter of time. wish you the best luck!!!! :)

Vivian Tong said...

Thanks so much dramaqueen! I understand wt u said! Thanks for us blessing.Hope you could do wt u want too!

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